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Can breast cancer surgery be performed if you have diabetes?

I have had diabetes for 5 years and have just been diagnosed with stage 55 breast cancer. Can I have surgery? What are the risks of complications? (Lam Ngoc, XNUMX years old, Binh Duong)


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which blood sugar levels are higher than normal, due to the body's lack of insulin (a hormone produced by the pancreas) or insulin resistance.

People with high blood pressure reduce the amount of oxygen supplied to tissues, causing slow wound healing and a high risk of infection. Uncontrolled disease can easily lead to complications such as chronic kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy... also causing slow wound healing.

You can have surgery to treat breast cancer. If blood sugar is well controlled before surgery, the surgery is safe and the rate of postoperative complications is low. Cancer treatment methods are the same as for people without diabetes, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy.

Normally, the HbA1C level (three-month average blood sugar) reaches 6,5-7%, which is favorable for surgery. If the cancer patient does not achieve this goal, the doctor may prescribe intensive insulin treatment to have surgery as soon as possible.

Diabetics with breast cancer need stable blood sugar control before surgery. Illustration photo: Freepik

Diabetics with breast cancer need stable blood sugar control before surgery. Illustration: Freepik

Before surgery, the Endocrinology - Diabetes specialist and the Breast Surgery department consult and evaluate blood sugar. Patients who fast for about 8 hours before surgery can easily cause hypoglycemia. Stress also causes blood sugar to increase or decrease suddenly, this condition needs to be controlled.

During surgery, patients need to have their blood pressure, breathing rate and blood sugar continuously controlled to ensure safety. Women with diabetes who do not have good blood sugar control will be strongly considered for breast reconstruction. Because the surgery lasts for a long time, the incision is wide, so there is a high risk of infection and fluid collection.

After surgery, patients need to control symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, pain, and avoid large blood sugar fluctuations. Wounds in people with diabetes may take longer to heal. Doctors combine antibiotics and active diabetes medication (insulin) to help the wound heal quickly.

When there are signs of fever, the incision is red, hot, swollen, more painful than usual or oozing fluid, the patient needs to see a doctor in the Department of Endocrinology - Diabetes and Breast Surgery for examination to adjust diet and medication. Fit.

Patients need to take medicine as prescribed by the doctor, eat nutritious food, exercise, limit stress, drink enough water and check blood sugar regularly. If there is any abnormality, the patient needs to immediately notify the doctor for timely adjustment.

Master, Doctor Huynh Ba Tan
Department of Breast Surgery, Tam Anh General Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City

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