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Opens up development opportunities for Hanoi tourism

Exploiting available advantages in location, terrain, infrastructure, and services will open up great opportunities to promote the development of sports tourism, attracting more and more tourists to Hanoi.

Sports tourism - Potential waiting to be 'awakened' in Hanoi
Athletes compete around Hoan Kiem Lake, within the framework of the 5th Hanoi Open Bicycle Race. (Source: People)

With the advantage of mountainous terrain in the suburbs, many large rivers and lakes and the inner city area has many beautiful roads with unique heritage, Hanoi has a lot of potential to develop sports tourism. However, it seems that this type has not been exploited much and is waiting to be "awakened".

Great opportunity for sports tourism

Soc Son is an area with diverse terrain and beautiful landscapes, attracting many tourists to visit, relax, and participate in cycling, jogging, and climbing activities. Recently, Soc Son district has built a number of beautiful roads to organize mountain biking, jogging, and climbing races such as Dong Quan Lake - Keo Ca Lake - Saint Giong Monument (11 km long). ), Soc temple - Saint Giong monument (5 km long), Dong Quan lake - Soc temple (8 km long), Hoa Son lake - Ham Lon lake - Keo Ca lake - Dong Quan lake (15 km long), Hoa lake Son - Ham Lon lake - Saint Giong monument (10 km long). The district has successfully organized a number of jogging and off-road racing tournaments attracting a large number of people and tourists to participate.

Furthermore, in Soc Son area, there are 2 golf courses of international standards in operation: Minh Tri golf course and BRG Legendhill Soc Son golf course. The Soc Son horse racetrack entertainment complex project is preparing to be deployed. When put into operation, it will become an international-class fitness and sports center in the northern region of the Red River.

Vice Chairman of Soc Son District People's Committee Do Minh Tuan said: Soc Son possesses a lot of potential and advantages to exploit and develop sports tourism. This is also a tourism product that the district evaluates as having a lot of potential to exploit and develop.

Not only Soc Son but the areas of Ba Vi, Chuong My, Son Tay town, Hanoi inner city... also have a lot of potential for sports tourism development. Ba Vi district has a semi-mountainous terrain with 7 mountainous communes, especially Ba Vi National Park, with the beauty of mountains and forests, many waterfalls, streams, rivers and lakes, and unique heritage. This area can organize climbing, running and practical tournaments. Recently, a number of sports tournaments have been organized attracting many participants.

Chuong My district has three terrain regions: plain, hilly and mountainous, surrounded by three rivers: Bui river, Tich river and Day river. Chuong My is also known for Bu hill, Nam Phuong Tien commune, where paragliding activities are popular with young people.

Son Tay town with Dong Mo golf course is considered one of the most beautiful golf courses in Southeast Asia with harmonious natural scenery. Especially the inner city of Hanoi with an infrastructure system serving diverse sports activities, meeting international standards, is where major tournaments are regularly organized. Furthermore, the city center also has many beautiful roads and a rich heritage system, so running races often take place to explore the beauty of the Capital. The large West Lake area is suitable for dragon boat swimming tournaments...

Sports tourism - Potential waiting to be 'awakened' in Hanoi
BRG Legendhill Soc Son golf course is one of two international standard golf courses operating in Hanoi.

Sports tourism is a type of tourism that has a special appeal to sports enthusiasts, and this group is increasingly crowded. Participants not only want to exercise physically but also interact with communities of similar interests, experience and explore tourism at the venue. Sports tourists also have high spending ability, use many services and spend many days.

In particular, for major tournaments, sports activities not only attract participating athletes but also the participation of family members, friends, and fans. This is identified as a potential tourism market and has received attention from many localities and businesses. Therefore, exploiting the available advantages of location, terrain, infrastructure, and services will open up great opportunities for the Capital's tourism industry to promote the development of sports tourism, attracting more and more people. than tourists coming to Hanoi.

Opens up potential development directions

In recent years, the number of sports tournaments appearing in Vietnam has increased, promoting the development of sports tourism activities. Hanoi city is organizing a number of annual sports tournaments, which can be connected with tourism activities such as: Hanoi International Badminton Tournament, Hanoi New Open Newspaper Run - For Peace, Marathon Tournament Hanoi Heritage International, or a number of international sporting events of Asian and Southeast Asian caliber, a number of golf tournaments creating playgrounds for international tourists... Many large-scale tournaments can attract thousands , even tens of thousands of guests attended.

In addition to those actively participating in sports tournaments, many travel businesses also quickly design tours to sell with sports tournaments. Or some companies also organize sports tours to explore the beauty of the Capital such as: Vietfoot Travel Company (Vietfoot Travel) operates cycling tours connecting the inner city with the suburbs of Hanoi. Essence of Trang An - Discover French architecture in the heart of Hanoi", "Viet Bike Tours experience a ferry trip and explore Co Loa citadel"; VGreen sustainable tourism club (Hanoi Travel Association) built a series of tours to explore Hanoi by bicycle "VGreen bike tour - Essence of Trang An"; Vietnam Sustainable Tourism Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (Vietnam STID) built a bicycle tour "Thang Long - Hanoi Night"...

Sports tourism - Potential waiting to be 'awakened' in Hanoi
The Hanoi Night Run 2023 was selected by the Hanoi People's Committee as a typical cultural and sports event for the period 2023 - 2025. (Source: VnExpress)

General Director of Flamingo Redtours Tourism Joint Stock Company Nguyen Cong Hoan said that sports tourism is a thematic product line, so compared to regular tours, the organizer needs to have expertise in travel as well. and certain knowledge about sports such as tournament regulations, registration methods... thereby advising guests to participate in activities suitable for their health.

Many tourism experts also believe that in the coming time, localities need to create open procedures in licensing the organization of sports tournaments to serve tourism and promote destinations. At the same time, socialize the organization of the tournament in the direction of encouraging travel companies to create alliances to sell products related to sports tourism. The sports industry should promote activities to promote events, landscapes, and Vietnamese culture, thereby attracting tourists to Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.

Director of the Hanoi Department of Tourism Dang Huong Giang affirmed that the Department will create maximum conditions as well as open many opportunities for tourism businesses and sports event organizers to discuss and agree on ways to operate. waterfall. Since then, tourism in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular continues to be an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.

Hanoi city has a convenient geographical location, good terrain and infrastructure, beautiful natural landscape, unique culture, rich cuisine, to organize sports tourism activities. The important thing is that the potential and advantages need to be "awakened" for sports tourism to develop as it is.

(according to VNA)


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