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Guitarist Thanh Dien passed away at the age of 56

Sharing with VTC News reporters, singer Tuyet Hang confirmed the information that artist Thanh Dien passed away on the morning of December 25 in Can Tho. The female singer confided that even though she knew life was impermanent, she still couldn't hold back her tears at the passing of her colleague.

According to the obituary, artist Thanh Dien's burial ceremony took place at 14:25 p.m. on December 12. The burial ceremony takes place at 13:27 p.m. on December 12. The coffin was moved to the home plot in Truong Dong hamlet, Tan Thoi commune, Phong Dien district, city. Can Tho.

Guitarist Thanh Dien.

Guitarist Thanh Dien.

Artist Thanh Dien's real name is Le Thanh Dien, born in 1967 in Can Tho. Born unable to see light, Thanh Dien compensates with his excellent ability to perceive sound. 

Training himself to play the piano is a way for him to overcome his inferiority complex and bring joy to those around him.

After many years of groping in the dark to get acquainted with the notes, each chord, feeling the sound, tuning the strings, and imagining how to compose a piece of music, he mastered many different musical instruments.

The male artist first became known to the public 2 years ago, when a video appeared on Youtube of him accompanying the piano. Vengeance marks on the back of wild horses for Chu Hoang Tuan to sing. After that, many of his other videos also attracted millions of views.

In 2021, he is a character for the show Show of life – program for anonymous artists with talent in the music field.

In an interview with VTC News in 2022, the male artist once confessed: “It is true that the sound of the instrument brought Thanh Dien out of the darkness, but only when Thanh Dien played and someone sang could he escape. At that time, I was focused, and when someone sang, I felt that my guitar sound supported someone else's song, that I was useful. At those times, Thanh Dien is a little happy, and playing alone is the same."

Tung Thanh


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