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War in Ukraine November 26: Russia opened the "steel door", entering Avdiivka

War in Ukraine November 26: Russia opens the steel door, entering Avdiivka - 11

Russian artillery participates in the war in Ukraine (Photo: Sky News).

Russia opened the "steel door" into Avdiivka

Channels Rybar reported that a few hours ago, Russian soldiers successfully controlled the last building in the Promka industrial park and continued to advance along Yasinovataya Avenue south of the Avdiivka fortified area after several days of intense fighting and gory.

Since 2014, the industrial park has been under the control of Ukrainian forces. However, despite fortifications, fortified bunkers and reinforcements, it is now completely under the control of the Russian Army.

This area has not only symbolic significance but also strategic importance as it is likened to a “steel door” blocking the entrance to Avdiivka and is located on a hill overlooking the southern suburbs of the city. The southern neighborhoods are within range of this line, opening the door to the inner city, making the situation worse for the Ukrainian armed forces.

Follow the channel Suriyakmaps, after capturing the Promka industrial zone, the next goal of Moscow forces will be to control the Vinogradniki quarries and farms, from where they can monitor Ukrainian activities in the forest.

At the same time, Russian forces will advance to capture the forest approaching behind the Ukrainian defense line along the H-20 road to gain firm control over the Donetsk filtration station.

War in Ukraine November 26: Russia opens the steel door, entering Avdiivka - 11

War map of Ukraine south of Avdiivka as of the morning of November 26 (Photo: Suriyakmaps).

However, as stated earlier, the Russian advance will be difficult due to the large number of defenders in this forest and the likelihood of a collapse of forces if the northern flank fails to make progress.

But the worries of the Moscow force commanders were partly relieved because on the northern flank, Russian units achieved important results by dislodging Ukrainian forces at the pumping station and capturing the first buildings. in the coal plant area, at the same time establishing a strong foothold on the railway line near the plant and expanding the control area.

The main objective appears to have been the railroad crossing to the south to cut off the main supply route into the eastern portion.

Russia intercepted and decoded communications showing that Ukrainian forces were complaining about lack of support and the command had withdrawn from Avdiivka, leaving subordinates to fend for themselves.

Meanwhile, the transfer of reinforcements is taking place. Units from the 116th Ukrainian mechanized brigade were withdrawn from the Zaporizhia direction to reinforce, the 45th independent rifle battalion was placed under the command of the 31st mechanized brigade due to losses.

War in Ukraine November 26: Russia opens the steel door, entering Avdiivka - 11

War map of Ukraine in the Avdiivka area as of November 25 (Photo: Rybar).

If Russia advances to the center of Avdiivka, Ukraine's entire defense line will collapse

The very serious problem for the Ukrainian army is that, if the Russian Army advances to the city center of Avdiivka, in the map below, the entire yellow defensive line of Ukraine (AFU) will collapse, the situation is very tragic. land: no artillery support in the southeast corner (too far); supply lines are controlled; reinforcements do not want to come to the "pan of fire"; Police have left the area.

War in Ukraine November 26: Russia opens the steel door, entering Avdiivka - 11

The Ukrainian army in the center of Avdiivka is at risk of collapse (Photo: Geroman).

Mr. Zelensky: Ukraine will receive warships to increase combat power in the Black Sea

Kyiv Post reported, speaking at the Cereals conference in Kiev on Saturday, November 25, President Volodymyr Zelensky revealed that partner countries have committed to transferring warships to Ukraine to enhance the safety of ships moving through " important grain corridor in the Black Sea.

Mr. Zelensky praised the establishment and operation of the "grain corridor" as one of the notable achievements of the year.

“We have reached an agreement with our partners and will provide maritime escorts to ensure the safety of ships,” President Zelensky explained during the conference.

He emphasized that specific agreements on receiving warships have been made and this will become a reality in the near future.

In addition, President Zelensky emphasized that the Odessa region will be better protected through the deployment of additional air defense systems, a measure that has been coordinated and agreed with Ukraine's international partners.

Kyiv was hit by “the largest scale” UAV attack since the conflict began

AFP reported that Ukraine's air force said it shot down 74 out of 75 Russian attack drones that attacked the country overnight.

Most crashed in Kiev, cutting off power in the city center as temperatures dropped below freezing.

It was the largest drone attack since the outbreak of the conflict.

“The enemy launched a record number of attack drones into Ukraine! The main direction of the attack is Kiev,” said the commander of the Ukrainian air force, General Mykola Oleshchuk.

In total, about 75 UAVs were launched by Russia from two different directions – Primorsko – Akhtarsk and Kursk Region. All are mainly aimed at the city of Kiev.

Prime Minister of Slovakia: Fighting in Ukraine may last until 2030

Kyiv Post Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico said on Friday, November 24, that the Ukraine conflict risks lasting until 11 if peace negotiations are not started.

Mr. Fico – a left-wing populist who won a general election in September – announced during the election campaign that he would suspend military aid commitments to Ukraine by previous governments. .

Ukrainian forces protect positions on the left bank of the Dnipro River

Kyiv Independent reported, officials said Ukrainian forces continued to hold positions on the left bank of the Dnieper River in Kherson.

Kiev said that its armed forces were causing serious damage to enemies in the region and that Moscow had suffered "huge losses".

Last week, Russia said its marines, air force and artillery had hindered Ukraine's efforts to gain a foothold on the east bank.

Russia reduced its air strikes, and its infantry remained active

Kyiv Independent Reportedly, General Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, commander of the Tavria Group fighting on the front line in southeastern Ukraine, said on November 25 that Russian forces had reduced the number of air strikes targeting Ukraine but the activities of their infantry still remained. At a high level.

According to reports, Russia conducted four airstrikes on the southeastern front line in the past day.

Kiev forces also recorded 50 skirmishes between Ukraine and Russia.

The General said Russian forces lost 502 soldiers in the past day, without specifying whether they were killed or wounded in combat.

The Ukrainian army also reported that Russia lost 24 military equipment, including one tank, four armored personnel carriers, four artillery systems, 4 UAVs and three vehicles, and that 4 Russian vehicles were damaged. damaged in the past day.

Mr. Tarnavskyi said that three Russian soldiers "chose their lives" and surrendered to Ukrainian forces.

Meanwhile, Ukraine maintained its defenses on the Avdiivka axis and still launched an attack in the direction of Melitopol.

Attacks on Avdiivka, the gateway to Donetsk, a major city in Donbass, caused huge losses to Moscow.

According to the Ukrainian military, Russian forces lost about 10.000 soldiers, more than 100 tanks, more than 250 other armored vehicles and seven Su-7 aircraft in the month of fighting near the frontline city.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet is facing a difficult problem

Guardian reported that, traditionally, the Russian Black Sea Fleet often reloads cruise missiles at the military port of Sevastopol in Crimea. With this facility increasingly in danger from Ukraine's long-range attacks, Russia will likely consider Novorossiysk as the best alternative location.

However, moving and reloading missiles will require new transportation, storage, handling and reloading procedures.

On November 13, the Ukrainian military announced that Russia had temporarily stopped firing cruise missiles at sea because of “logistical problems” at Novorossiysk.

Russia will need to overcome such problems “in order to promptly include sea-based cruise missiles in any winter offensive campaign against Ukraine,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Two airports in Moscow temporarily suspended operations

TASS reported that on November 26, two Moscow international airports, Vnukovo and Domodedovo, had to temporarily suspend operations.

According to data from the Flightradar portal, it shows that the plane is in the waiting area.

At 5:20 a.m. on November 26 (11:9 a.m. Vietnam time), propagandists announced that flights had resumed, but Flightradar showed that planes continued to fly around Moscow.

War in Ukraine November 26: Russia opens the steel door, entering Avdiivka - 11

Two international airports in Moscow had to temporarily close in the early morning of November 26 (Photo: Flightradar)

According to AFP, Guardian, Kyiv Post, Kyiv Independent, Ukrainska Pravda, Rybar, Geroman, Suriyakmaps


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