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Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school

In the last days of the Year of the Cat, many lecturers and students together decorated the school space and took commemorative photos to welcome the Year of the Dragon.

At the University of Economics and Finance of Ho Chi Minh City (UEF), many "virtual living corners" are extremely "genuine" with the typical apricot yellow color of the South. The elaborately decorated miniatures have attracted a large number of students and friends to capture beautiful moments.

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 1

Students of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance brilliantly welcomed spring with a space decorated with apricot blossoms, banh chung, banh tet... (Photo: Phong Doan).

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 2

This is also an opportunity for female university students to wear seductive ao dai (Photo: Phong Doan).

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 3

The New Year's atmosphere is everywhere (Photo: Phong Doan).

Joining the New Year's atmosphere, at Van Lang University (VLU), the space evokes traditional beauty combined with VLU's own identities to welcome the new spring.

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 4

Students of Van Lang University in the Tet space at school (Photo: Tra My).

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 5

Each miniature shows its own style but still retains the school's own style (Photo: Tra My).

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 6

Many luxurious "check-in" corners for lecturers and students (Photo: Tra My).

Students of Ba Ria - Vung Tau University (BVU) attract all eyes with their colorful traditional ao dai and ethnic Tet atmosphere.

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 7

Female students of Ba Ria - Vung Tau University were praised for being beautiful and radiant (Photo: BVU).

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 8

The gentle beauty of a young woman sitting and enjoying tea (Photo: BVU).

In another corner, lecturers from the University of Industry and Trade also excitedly checked in with red envelopes, tea tables, etc.

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 9

Lecturer at the University of Industry and Trade witty with the 2024 Dragon Year photo set (Photo: Son Thai).

Lecturers and students dress up in glittery clothes to save Tet moments at school - 10

A charming female lecturer with a flowing ao dai (Photo: Son Thai).

The 2024 Lunar New Year holiday schedule of universities is usually long. This year, Lac Hong University (Dong Nai) gave students 37 days off. Most schools in the South will give students 3-4 weeks off. 

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