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Hong Nhung releases MV 'Simple beauty

On January 30.1, Diva Hong Nhung released the audio version of the song Simple beauty – Simple beauty on music platforms and received a lot of response and excitement from the audience. This song was composed by the female singer herself, inspired by the simple things inherent in life that we sometimes forget.

With all her enthusiasm for this song, Hong Nhung decided to entertain the audience with a music video recorded in France. Instead of being a showcase of her new product, Diva Hong Nhung "turned" it into an intimate party where artists sang together and shared stories about life and music.

Hong Nhung releases MV 'Simple beauty - Simple beauty' about love life - Photo 1.
Hong Nhung releases MV 'Simple beauty - Simple beauty' about love life - Photo 2.

Hong Nhung continues to spread the message of love and life through her new MV

MV Simple beauty is a picture of the simplest things in everyday life through the eyes of Hong Nhung, the soul and thoughts about beauty that anyone who sees it will see the bold image of Ms. Bong Hong Nhung in it. Besides, the MV also depicts the story of the journey from Paris to Hanoi full of sadness after many years of being away for a woman who was born and raised in the capital of Vietnam.

Through MV Simple beauty, Hong Nhung wishes to convey to everyone the message of beautiful things that are always around us. Simple beauty is discovering happiness in the smallest, most ordinary things that always happen in life.

Some photos at the press conference with the participation of many friends and famous artists such as Ms. Trang Le - President of Vietnam International Fashion Week, singers Dam Vinh Hung, Thu Phuong, Doan Trang, Thao Trang, Giang Hong Ngoc, Quang Dung, Quang Linh, Vu Cat Tuong, musicians Hoai Sa, Duc Tri, dancer Tan Loc, photographer Doan Minh Tuan..., along with "beautiful sisters" Trang Phap, Dieu Nhi, Diep Lam Anh, Huyen Baby, Mlee…

Hong Nhung releases MV 'Simple beauty - Simple beauty' about love life - Photo 3.
Hong Nhung releases MV 'Simple beauty - Simple beauty' about love life - Photo 4.
Hong Nhung releases MV 'Simple beauty - Simple beauty' about love life - Photo 5.

Hong Nhung said she had "a lot of fun" with her artist friends at the MV launch

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