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The Philippines is about to receive BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missiles

The Philippines is about to receive BrahMos supersonic anti-ship missiles - Photo 1.

India's BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles

Sheet Philippine Daily Inquirer On February 2.2, Jonathan Malaya, assistant director general of the National Security Council of the Philippines, said that the country will receive BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles in February.

The information was given when he gave an unscheduled interview at the headquarters of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs. “It will also help the Philippines' deterrence capabilities. In fact, the ground system will be delivered this month and the missiles next month. We are entering the hypersonic age,” according to Mr. Malaya.

This official said India's purchase of BrahMos missiles will help strengthen the capabilities of the Philippine marine force, which will receive these weapons.

Last week, Indian Ambassador to the Philippines Shambhu Kumaran said that hypersonic missiles were about to be delivered, but did not specify when. Last year, the manufacturer's representative said the above missiles would be delivered in December 12.2023.

The Philippines signed an agreement worth 18,9 billion pesos (8.214 billion VND) with BrahMos Aerospace, an India-Russia joint venture, to purchase 3 launchers for the above cruise missiles in the surface-to-ship missile system project.

Last year, several members of the Philippine marines went to India to learn how to operate BrahMos missiles.

According to Mr. Malaya, the Philippines will become a mid-range power in terms of armed capacity with the purchase of new defense equipment.

In addition to information about the BrahMos missile, he also said that purchasing submarines is important in enhancing the Philippines' maritime security.

Previously, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. approved the purchase of the first submarine for the Philippines, according to Philippine Navy spokesman Roy Trinidad on February 1.2.

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