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Bach Dang Walking Street is bustling on National Day

On the evening of September 2, Bach Dang Walking Street and Night Market (Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province) welcomed more than 9 visitors to visit and have fun. On the occasion of National Day September 10.000, many attractive activities on this walking street were organized.

Hai Duong: Bach Dang Walking Street is bustling on National Day
More than 10.000 guests came to visit and have fun at Bach Dang walking street, City. Hai Duong. (Photo: Tong Thoan)

According to preliminary statistics, on average, the walking street attracts 3 to 5 thousand visitors on weekends. On the evening of September 2, more than 9 people were welcomed.

About 4 months ago, the pedestrian street and night market in Hai Duong city officially opened. This is the first walking street - night market in Hai Duong, 1,6km long, operating from 16pm every Saturday and Sunday with many cultural and artistic activities.

From the opening day until now, the walking street of Bach Dang night market in Hai Duong city has attracted tens of thousands of people and tourists to visit and experience.

Mr. Tran Ho Dang - Chairman of Hai Duong City said that Hai Duong City - a land rich in cultural and revolutionary traditions, is one of the cradles of Red River civilization, this land has both unique characteristics and unique characteristics. common point, while creating for themselves a unique cultural identity of the East. With a rich history, it has laid the foundation for Hai Duong to be worthy of a grade 1 city.

Implement the policy of economic development associated with tourism, developing the night economy, based on the economic conditions, historical and cultural values ​​of Thanh Dong people. The City Party Committee, People's Council, and People's Committee of Hai Duong City organized the opening program of Walking Street - Night Market in Bach Dang Street area with the theme "Converging Essence - Brightening Thanh Dong", opening the way for cultural activities, tourism, trade, culinary quintessence, promotion and consumption of specialties of regions and Hai Duong province...

Hai Duong: Bach Dang Walking Street is bustling on National Day
Many entertainment activities at Bach Dang pedestrian street. (Photo: Tong Thoan)

The opening of the walking street - night market on Bach Dang street not only creates an attractive community cultural activity space but also awakens potentials and strengths, contributing to promoting economic and social development. the city's council strongly. At the same time, introduce to friends all over the country a beautiful, dynamic, developed city full of cultural identity, so that friends and tourists will never forget when coming to this land of civilization. This is also an event marking the efforts of Hai Duong City and province in promoting socio-economic development, associated with culture and meeting the living needs of the people.

This year's holiday has lasted 4 days, so the walking street - night market has a series of programs to attract tourists with activities such as lion and dragon dances, street DJs, entertainment, folk dance, and performances. Modern dance groups participate in a series of extremely attractive programs. Walking Street - the first night market in Hai Duong uses the entire Thong Nhat Square, 1/2 of Bach Dang Street and 1/2 of Bui Thi Xuan Street adjacent to Bach Dang River, Chuong Duong Street and Hong Quang Bridge.

Hai Duong: Bach Dang Walking Street is bustling on National Day
The walking street in Hai Duong City was very successful when put into operation. (Photo: Tong Thoan)

The street is divided into 4 subdivisions, named after the four sacred animals Dragon, Lan, Quy, Phung with symbols of outstanding famous people associated with the East. The Long subdivision took the symbol of the famous general Tran Hung Dao. Khu Lan is reminiscent of politician Nguyen Trai. The Quy area built the image of the two patriarchs Phap Loa - Huyen Quang and the Phung area took the symbol of the eternal teacher Chu Van An. The subdivisions have a total of 50 stalls, selling traditional products, regional characteristics and street food. The entire route has 3 art performance locations, 1 outdoor activity area and reading streets at Bach Dang, Chuong Duong, and Ton Duc Thang streets.

Bach Dang Walking Street and Night Market is a project organized in the form of complete socialization, with the participation of businesses organizing tourist routes connecting Hai Duong city with landscapes and relics in the region. Hai Duong Province.


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