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Vietnamese startup explores the potential of Phygital

Digital physical technology is being applied in Vietnam in the fields of fashion, agriculture, and cultural preservation to exploit the potential of the digital economy.

During the launch event of Phygital Labs on October 1, Mr. Huy Nguyen, co-founder of the startup, said that the digital transformation revolution is bringing people closer to the touch point where things in physical life will take place. parallel environment name no. At that time, Phygital is the next step in technology, opening the connection gate between the real world and the digital world.

What is Phygital?

“In the digital space, only things that have real-life value are truly valuable. To do that, every physical product needs a digital identity, similarly when people move into the digital environment, they also need a personal identifier. Phygital will solve the problem of digital identity for all things, bridging a product from real life to the Internet to unlock great values ​​in the digital economy," Mr. Huy said.

According to Mr. Nam Do, Technology Director of Phygital Labs, in Vietnam, the concept of Phygital is still strange, but the world has mentioned it a lot since two years ago, after Covid-19 changed the way people work. Live and communicate online.

Mr. Nam Do, CTO Phygital Labs shared about the applications of a physical product in the digital environment when it is digitally identified. Photo: KB

Mr. Nam Do, CTO Phygital Labs, talked about the applications of a physical product in the digital environment. Photo: KB

Theo Techtarget, phygital is a term combining physical and digital. This is a technology that combines the physical and digital worlds in consumer experiences, business models or products. Phygital represents the interaction between the real world (like stores, physical products) and the digital world (like mobile apps, websites, online experiences).

The rise of Phygital can bridge the gap between digital and physical and enable organizations to deliver proactive and innovative services, providing go-to-market opportunities, enhancing pricing economic value without being limited by physical barriers. Modern technologies such as AI, blockchain, VR/AR, IoT, cloud are all an important part of shaping the digital physical future.

Application of Phygital in Vietnam

Although still new in Vietnam, Phygital has soon been applied in a number of fields. For example, in the agricultural sector, a brand has embedded chips, digital identification and traceability of each bag of coffee and pepper to increase the value of Vietnamese agricultural products when exported to international markets.

In the field of handicrafts, Phygital Labs cooperates with the Department of Information and Communications of Da Nang to identify the number of sculptures of Non Nuoc stone village, uploading them to the digital museum so that they can be used in many fields. from education to exhibitions, exchanges and sales.

According to Mr. Dinh Duc Hoang, Deputy Director of the UNESCO Information Center (UNET), the need to combine real and digital in Vietnam is already present and no longer a future. "Phygital can immediately solve the pain of cultural workers, creating terrible power to tell the story of the Vietnamese people," Mr. Hoang said, telling about his practical experience when UNESCO Vietnam worked on the project. bronze casting of 200 Kim Nghe in Tran Temple.

Once the product is available, the manufacturer prepares a letter briefly talking about the meaning and value of this pure Vietnamese mascot, placed in the box. After that, the owner of the item is sent a link containing a 3D image, a scan of a real-life image of Nghe An. As for the stories from patterns to history, they are compiled into another document to send to the owner. Even in order for collectors to clearly understand the image and meaning of the mascot, the project also requires the purchase of a book. Nghe Viet elite selection to give away.

“It doesn't stop there, because the project is limited to only 200 copies, so the artist must engrave each person's name on the work. There are too many sophisticated and complicated steps to convey an image of Vietnamese culture, while now, with just a 1 x 1 cm chip, Phygital Labs' technology can do all of the above." , Mr. Hoang said.

The representative of the UNESCO Information Center commented that Phygital can not only be applied in the digital economy but also has great significance, making an important contribution to preserving, developing and spreading cultural values, because each Heritage is all "unique".

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, Director of the Department of Information and Communications of Da Nang City, said that after projects such as identifying the number of Non Nuoc stone villages were successful and received great support from the whole community, Mr. For both people and management agencies, in the coming time, Da Nang will continue to apply digital physical technology to bring more than 3.000 works of art to the digital environment.

“Over time, these projects will help people see their own image in each digital work, directly feel the benefits that technology brings and form digital habits and a completely digital economy. nature. From people, businesses will expand applications to management, digital transformation of government, and creation of smart cities," Mr. Thanh commented.

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