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Testicular rupture while playing soccer, 13-year-old boy admitted to the emergency room

On January 10, M.D. Vu Xuan Hoan, Department of Urology, National Children's Hospital, said that doctors here had just performed emergency surgery on 1-year-old boy N.M.T. Complicated trauma.

According to the patient's family, while baby T. was playing soccer with his friends, he was suddenly kicked in the private area. After the accident, the baby's family took him to the emergency room at a local hospital and then was transferred to the National Children's Hospital for further surgery.

Vaginal sperm when the skin peels off a 13-year-old boy takes part in the photo 1

Doctors operated on a child with a ruptured testicle after a collision while playing soccer. Photo: BVCC

The patient was admitted to the hospital with left testicle swelling, bruising, and hematoma in the scrotum. Ultrasound results showed that the patient's left testicle had no blood flow and no pulse signal, indicating the need for emergency surgery.

During the surgery, doctors found that the left testicle had half of its neurovascular bundle broken, but the parenchyma was still well-perfused. The surgical team decided to remove the hematoma, stop the bleeding, and preserve the sperm. Complete for children.

The surgery took 1,5 hours. Currently, the patient is awake, acting well, has no swelling in her private area and was discharged from the hospital.

Doctor Hoan recommends that when playing sports, children need to protect their "little guy" from unfortunate accidents that affect their quality of life. When experiencing an injury in the private area, you should go to a reputable andrology facility for timely examination and treatment.

Nguyen Linh


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