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Y Phung: 'I hope to return to acting'

Y Phung - a famous actress in the 1990s - said her daughter is six years old and strong, so she hopes to return to singing and acting soon.

After six years away from the entertainment industry to take care of her family, Y Phung said she was preparing mentally and physically to find opportunities to return to performing activities. On this occasion, she talked about life at the age of 45.

- How is your current life in America?

- Every day I take care of my children, take them to school, and go to the gym. My husband wanted to hire someone to pick him up and take him to school, but I refused because I was used to taking care of my daughter - little Paris - from childhood to adulthood. Just being away from my child for a few hours made me miss him.

Recently, I met artist Bao Quoc - a close colleague of my father - artist Minh Phung, and confided many things in life with him. For the past six years, I've just stayed home to worry about my family, missed the stage so much and felt sad. He told me that I have been singing since I was a teenager and now for nearly 30 years, and it's okay to take some time off to take care of my children. The elders and elders in the profession commented that I was still young and the audience still remembered my name. Hearing words of encouragement, my heart felt less heavy.

Y Phung with her daughter - Paris (six years old). Photo: Provided by the character

Y Phung with her daughter - baby Paris (six years old). Image: Characters provided

- When your daughter becomes stronger, what do you think about returning to singing and performing?

– I received many invitations from music show hosts and filmmakers in Vietnam and abroad, but I refused them all. Before, I really liked watching the Britney Spears show, but later I stopped going because I felt embarrassed seeing the image of her being fat and out of shape. Thinking back, I'm afraid the audience will stop loving me when they see me appear with a different appearance.

After giving birth, I gained 20 kg, was afraid to appear in public, and limited parties with colleagues. I think the audience spends money to enjoy and see beauty and charm, but no one wants to see a performer who doesn't know how to take care of himself on stage.

I plan to focus on losing weight in early April, trying to lose another 4 kg in the hope of returning to the same weight as when I was a girl. I'm very meticulous with my profession, so when I get back in shape, I will consider performing again.

– After stopping performing for a long time, how do you ensure your life?

- I have money accumulated and saved from performing and singing many years ago, I spend it on myself, and my partner takes care of all family expenses. He is not a showbiz person, so he lets me be comfortable in everything, never mentioning or touching his wife's career. On the contrary, I respect his work and personal space.

I'm not good at housework or cooking, I'm just dedicated and focused on raising little Paris. Where I live there are many Vietnamese people so it's like a miniature Saigon. All the dishes of the homeland are available, so mother and child are spoiled for choice. My family goes to a restaurant to eat, not cooking. Luckily, I live with an easy-going husband who doesn't require his wife to take care of the housework.

Actress Y Phung with sexy fashion style, 1990s. Photo: Provided by the character

Actress Y Phung with sexy fashion style, 1990s. Photo: Characters provided

My current wish is to return to the domestic and overseas stages soon. Now I'm back to acting simply because it's my passion, continuing my family's profession, without any pressure from my old glory.

I will follow the profession for the rest of my life following the example of my father - artist Minh Phung. During his lifetime, at the age of 70, he was still invited to sing and was loved by the audience. I hope I am too. I have projects to prepare for my own YouTube channel. When everything is ready, I will introduce it to the audience.

Y Phung performs the play "Facing the Truth"

Y Phung in the play "Facing the Truth" in 2014. Video: YouTube Drunk Live Drama

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