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How to reduce sinusitis symptoms during Tet

I have had sinusitis for many years and it often gets worse during Tet due to weather changes. How to improve symptoms? (Minh, 30 years old, Ho Chi Minh City)


Spring weather is the time between the cold of winter and the hot heat of summer. This is the time when snow and ice gradually melt in some places, temperatures gradually increase, and drizzle appears to provide water for plants to grow and sprout.

Sudden changes in temperature and humidity, sunshine and rain, pollen, and dust are considered risk factors that contribute to severe symptoms of nasal congestion, nasal discharge, sneezing, etc.

Therefore, we note some of the following methods to protect the body:

– Keep your body warm: Wear thick, warm clothes, take a warm bath.

– Clean and properly clean the nose and throat area with physiological saline solution, nasal wash solution...

– Increase air humidity in the room by using a humidifier or mist sprayer.

– Use some herbal medicines to increase body warmth, such as ginger tea, perilla tea, garlic, onions... (only for people with cold symptoms including chills, fear of cold, cold hands and feet... )

– Eat a nutritious diet, limit excessive use of alcohol, alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, ice cold drinks, fatty diets...

– Drink enough water 2 liters/day.

– Supplement some vitamins to increase resistance and rest properly.

– Apply warm compresses and acupressure in the sinus areas to relieve pain and reduce nasal congestion.

– Consult a specialist when symptoms become severe.

MSc.BS Le Ngo Minh Nhu
Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital – Campus 3

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