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The cheapest car in Vietnam appeared on the street, traveling 120-170km on a single charge

(Dan Tri) – The Wuling HongGuang MiniEV mini electric car was found on some streets in Hanoi, much to the attention of the community as it will be the cheapest car that Vietnamese customers can choose.

At least two HongGuang MiniEVs were spotted near Hoan Kiem Lake a few days ago. Then, another social media user posted pictures of similar cars parked near West Lake. The above move shows the pattern car This mini electric is very close to the opening date.

The cheapest car in Vietnam appeared on the street, traveling 120-170km on a single charge - 1
Wuling HongGuang MiniEV was seen near Hoan Kiem Lake, possibly for product photography (Photo: OF).

HongGuang MiniEV is noticed when it promises to be the cheapest car model in Vietnam. Vehicles using electric motors, belong to the segment of micro cars (mini car), which is even smaller than A-class cars such as Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10 or A-class cars. Toyota Wigo. Products are assembled and distributed in our country by TMT Motors through a factory located in Hung Yen.

Sharing with the media, a representative of TMT Motors said that the HongGuang MiniEV will be launched in the market with a Standard version, comes with a 9,6kWh battery and has a maximum travel distance of 120km on a single charge. With the Advanced version, the battery pack is 13,4kWh and has a range of 170km after each full charge.

The cheapest car in Vietnam appeared on the street, traveling 120-170km on a single charge - 2
The car continued to be seen in the West Lake area before the official launch date (Photo: OF).

The distributor's representative has not announced the price but revealed that "people with an average income from 13 to 15 million VND / month also have the opportunity to access". Meanwhile, a document appearing on social networks has not been verified information that the Standard version is expected to cost 235 million VND and the Advanced version is 255 million VND.

Question marks before the release date

The novelty of tram In general, plus the expectation of Vietnamese people about a cheap car model makes HongGuang MiniEV very noticeable. That's why customers ask many questions about this product before the official information is announced.

In Deloitte Southeast Asia's 2023 Global Automotive Consumer Research report, only 3% of Vietnamese respondents answered that they expect an electric vehicle to travel less than 200km on a single charge. The 200-299km range accounts for 16% and 27% of the expected range is 300-399km.

The cheapest car in Vietnam appeared on the street, traveling 120-170km on a single charge - 3
A representative of TMT Motors shared that the HongGuang MiniEV distributed in Vietnam will have a maximum range of 120km or 170km, depending on the version (Photo: OF).

Based on the above report, HongGuang MiniEV only meets a very small part of consumers' expectations for an electric vehicle. It is not clear what standard the HongGuang MiniEV's 120-170km mileage figure is calculated, but usually the actual results will be less. Electric vehicles are also recommended not to leave the battery below 20% and not fully charged to 100%.

The price has not been confirmed, but based on leaked information and initial parameters of the product, Vietnamese people still expect more. The official selling price as well as the sales policy, charging station, warranty... may be announced by TMT Motors later this month.

The cheapest car in Vietnam appeared on the street, traveling 120-170km on a single charge - 4
VinFast VF 3 is expected to receive deposits from September and deliver the car by the end of 9 (Photo: VF).

Not officially launched, HongGuang MiniEV has met the first challenges when VinFast announced to jump into the mini car race with the VF 3 model. It was not until September that the Vietnamese car company announced details and received a deposit for the car.

VinFast has more advantages in terms of brand and familiarity with Vietnamese customers. The extensive network of public charging stations is also worthwhile. VinFast VF 3 itself also owns the basic specifications slightly better than HongGuang MiniEV, but still has to wait for the official selling price of both cars.


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