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What should and should not be eaten after exercise?

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What to eat after exercise to help muscles recover quickly?

After exercising, the body needs to be supplemented with energy and protein to restore muscles and achieve optimal performance.

The American Heart Association notes that when you exercise, your body burns more carbohydrates - "the main source of fuel for muscles."

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Within 2 hours after exercising, you should eat foods such as bananas, eggs, chicken...

After exercise, carbohydrates and protein are two important nutrients that should be prioritized for supplementation. Carbohydrates help fuel the body and regenerate glycogen stores depleted during exercise. Healthy sources of carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice lentils and oats.

Protein helps repair and regenerate muscles damaged during exercise. Healthy sources of protein include fish, lean meat, eggs, etc.

According to Barbara Olendzki, associate professor of health sciences at UMass Chan School of Medicine (USA), you should stay away from foods and drinks high in sugar, foods high in saturated fat or hydrogenated oils, foods snacks, fried foods and processed foods. Readers can see more of this article on health page March 2.2, XNUMX.

In addition to eating and exercising, this is the secret to living longer

Everyone already knows that eating healthy and exercising regularly are the two most important secrets to living a long life.

However, recently, a doctor revealed a very simple and easy secret that you can start implementing today to add many years to your life.

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There is a very simple and easy secret that you can start implementing today to add many years to your life.

Not genetics, not exercise, not diet, not career, not money, not Not your IQ, not your popularity. The secret to longevity is much simpler. Those are positive relationships. This helps us to be happy, healthy and live longer.

However, Ms. Nighat Arif is not the only one who emphasizes the importance of happy relationships. A prestigious study by a world-famous university also confirms this.

An 85-year study by Harvard University (USA) has also found the secret to making us happier and live longer. The next content of this article will be on health page May 2.2th.

Should you eat while standing?

Due to busy work, many people often eat while standing. This way of eating can help save time and help with light activities after long periods of sitting at work.

However, many people believe that eating while standing is not good for your health. According to health website Healthline (USA), eating while standing has both benefits and disadvantages.

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People with reflux are often advised to stand up straight and avoid leaning or slouching during meals and for several hours after meals.

Eating while standing can speed up digestion. Posture when eating can affect the ability to digest food. Accordingly, for people who eat while sitting or lying down, food is digested slowly compared to when they stand.

A 2017 study showed that eating foods containing protein when sitting upright helps the stomach work faster than when lying down, helping the body digest protein better, increasing the supply of important amino acids in the blood.

Eating while standing can help lose fat. According to a 2018 study, standing for 6 hours will burn 54 more calories than sitting. According to Healthline, if you combine standing and eating, over time, you can lose weight, and it also accelerates the body's food metabolism.

Reduces reflux and heartburn. Acid reflux occurs when stomach contents flow back up into the esophagus. This symptom can lead to a burning sensation in the center of the chest, commonly known as heartburn.

People with reflux are often advised to stand up straight and avoid leaning or slouching during meals and for several hours after meals. Let's start the day with health news To see more content of this article, please!

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