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University of Technology - VNU hosts the International Student Programming Contest - Asia-Pacific Regional Finals 2024

In 2024, the University of Technology - VNU (VNU-UET) hosts the International Student Programming Contest - Asia-Pacific Finals (The 2024 ICPC Asian Pacific Championship) in collaboration with ICPC Vietnam Nam and ICPC Asia Pacific, taking place from February 29, 02 - March 2024, 03. This is information announced during the information meeting event about the International Student Programming Contest - Asia-Pacific Finals (ICPC Asian Pacific Championship) 3 held at Cong University. technology on January 2024, 2024.

Attending the meeting, on behalf of VNU, there was Associate Professor, PhD. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Head of Training Committee, representative of leaders of member units of VNU. On the side of the University of Technology, there was Prof. Dr. Chu Duc Trinh - Principal of the University, Dr. Nguyen Thu Huong - Vice Rector, Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thanh Thuy - Chairman of the Council of Professors of Information Technology, Chairman of Faculty Club - School - Vietnam Institute of Information Technology. On the side of the Vietnam Informatics Association were Mr. Nguyen Long - General Secretary along with representatives of lecturers, students participating in the exam and representatives of the sponsors of the exam.

Speaking introducing the exam, Mr. Nguyen Long - General Secretary of the Vietnam Information Technology Association emphasized that the Vietnam Information Technology Association is an important factor in training and fostering "finding high-quality IT human resources" Accredited through the National Informatics Olympiad, Young Informatics Exams, ICPC International Programming Exam and other Informatics, Programming, and Creativity exams for Vietnamese students and coders.

The ICPC international student programming contest has a history of more than 50 years, with the purpose of helping students develop creativity, teamwork, creating innovation in building software programs and allowing them to test their skills. performance under very high time pressure. This is the oldest, largest and most prestigious programming exam for university students around the world, and is considered the "Olympic Games" for information technology students.

Mr. Nguyen Long - General Secretary of Vietnam Information Technology Association

Vietnam officially registered for the ICPC International Student Programming Contest since 2005, hosting the regional qualifying round of the ICPC Asia Contest for the first time at the University of Technology - VNU in April 4. From 2006 to now, for 2006 consecutive years, Vietnam has been in the Top 19-100 universities with representatives attending the ICPC Global Final with the highest rank 140 - Bronze Medal in 12. Currently, the ICPC competition increasingly attracting students and growing strongly in the number of teams around the world, from 2022 continents divided into 6 smaller continental regions organizing the ICPC Continental Final Exam. Asia is divided into 9 ICPC Finals: Asia East, Asia West and Asia Pacific. From the Regional Final, Asia Pacific will select the 3 teams with the best results to represent the 16 ICPC Global Final held in Kazakhstan on September 2024.

With 17 years of experience organizing regional competitions with quality and efficiency, Vietnam is honored to be nominated by Asia-Pacific countries to become the host country for the Final Round. ICPC Asia Pacific for the first time at the University of Technology - VNU. Previously, from the ICPC Regional rounds, 5 championship teams were selected (from 5 points: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia), along with the 60 highest-ranked teams in the region recognized by ICPC. Asia Pacific selected to win the right to attend the Championship Final in Hanoi (with 3 teams from the University of Technology), from the ICPC Final the 16 best teams will represent Asia Pacific to attend the Final. ICPC Global Conference 2024 in Kazakhstan.

Representative of the Organizing Committee Associate Professor, PhD. Le Sy Vinh - Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology, VNU, spoke.

Representative of the Organizing Committee, Associate Professor, PhD. Le Sy Vinh - Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology, VNU, spoke and expressed his honor when the University of Technology took on the responsibility of hosting this year's exam. The University of Technology, VNU, Hanoi is a cradle for training talents and a place to organize training for excellent exams at all levels nationwide and internationally. For many consecutive years, the school's fields have been ranked high on world rankings such as QS rankings, THE. In 2023, 6 fields of VNU will continue to be ranked by QS Rankings, including 4 fields under the management and training of the University of Technology: Engineering and Technology field group (Engineering & Technology) top 451-500 in the world; Computer Science & Information Systems (Computer Science & Information Systems) top 501-550 in the world; Engineering, Aeronautical and Manufacturing (Engineering – Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacture) top 501-520 in the world; and Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Engineering – Electrical & Electronic) top 501-520 in the world; Physics and Astronomy (Physics & Astronomy) top 551-600 in the world.

The school is a trusted partner of large, reputable domestic and international partners, and is the top choice of parents and excellent students when it comes to annual admission scores into the school's training programs. Among the top technology and engineering universities in the country, the employment rate of graduates is high, reaching over 95%.

Students of the University of Technology have achieved many high achievements in major national and international exams, including the ICPC Programming Exam. In particular, in 2022, the University's EggCentroy team will represent Vietnam in the Final Round of the ICPC Global International Student Programming Contest and won the Bronze medal. This is the first time a Vietnamese representative has won a prize at the Global Final of the ICPC International Student Programming Contest and is also the first time ASEAN countries have won a prize in the most prestigious global programming competition. Many excellent students of the school have been working and interning at large businesses such as: Google, Facebook, MS, Amazon, VNPT, Viettel, FPT, VNG,... or become StartUp Unicorns.

The University of Technology's EggCentroy team won a Bronze medal at the Final Round of the ICPC 2022 Global International Student Programming Contest

Associate Professor, Dr. Le Sy Vinh hopes that the exam will be a fair playing field, find programming talents, and create an environment to help Vietnamese students interact and learn with friends. international.

Student Pham Quoc Hung, QH-2023-I/CQ, Institute of Artificial Intelligence is one of the members of the University of Technology - VNU team participating in this exam, expressing his joy and pride as he is about to enter the exam. enter the international arena. Quoc Hung said, this is a very important exam and opens up many opportunities for students in the future, and is a playground to help students get closer to the world's science and technology. With a team competition, the element of teamwork skills is very high, each member needs to understand each other and develop all their abilities, and each individual in the team needs to firmly grasp the knowledge in using Programming skills and professional thinking training. "I hope that with the efforts of both teachers and students in recent times, we will bring many good results to the University of Technology in particular and Vietnam in general."

Student Pham Quoc Hung (left photo), QH-2023-I/CQ, Institute of Artificial Intelligence, University of Technology.

The International Student Programming Contest - Asia-Pacific Finals opens up opportunities to promote international academic exchanges, especially Programming - Algorithm skills and teamwork skills, high-intensity perfection between Vietnamese students and students from leading Information Technology universities in the Asia-Pacific region; Forming the Asia-Pacific Standard Final Exam model and having a student programming ranking for the first time through the ICPC Asia Pacific Championship; Strengthen international cooperation relationships, affirm the capacity of the University of Technology - VNU Hanoi to organize regional and world-class exams, as well as enhance the reputation and class of the University throughout 20 years of establishment and development.

Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thanh Thuy - Chairman of the Council of Professors of Information Technology, Chairman of the Faculty Club - School - Vietnam Institute of Information Technology and Mr. Nguyen Long - General Secretary of the Vietnam Information Technology Association took commemorative photos with the teams recruiting University of Technology.


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