On the afternoon of March 21, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung had a meeting with the US-ASEAN Business Council (USABC) delegation. This is the group of businesses that has the most contributions to the Ministry of Information and Communications on issues of institution and policy building.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung was happy to receive the delegation and appreciated the regular dialogue between the Ministry of Information and Communications and USABC. According to the Minister, the fact that there are many opinions related to institutions, especially digital institutions, shows that US businesses want to do long-term business in Vietnam and consider Vietnam a partner.

"Vietnam is an open country in building institutions and listening to the opinions of businesses, especially foreign businesses.”, the Minister affirmed to US businesses.

Discussing the perspective of institution building, the Minister said that the drafting unit must balance the interests between the parties, between the State, businesses and consumers. The Ministry of Information and Communications also wants to listen to the opinions, suggestions and recommendations of businesses so that Vietnam can develop quickly and sustainably.

The US-ASEAN Business Council delegation visited and worked with the Ministry of Information and Communications. Photo: Le Anh Dung

At the meeting, US digital technology businesses such as Meta, Mastercard, SAP Asia, and SalesForce thanked the Ministry of Information and Communications for its openness in policy. Many businesses affirmed their commitment to continue providing quality consultations, contributing to helping Vietnam perfect its digital legal framework.

Sharing about this issue, President and General Director of the US-ASEAN Business Council Ted Osius said that the comments of USABC member businesses are based on a respectful, constructive, and forward-looking perspective. common benefit for all parties.

Mr. Ted Osius said that digital economy is a new field and many things have not yet been discovered. The United States itself also learns, works, and shares experiences.

"Within the framework of two-way exchanges, American businesses also learn a lot from Vietnam, grasp information about the development of the digital economy as well as Vietnam's aspirations in developing the digital economy.”, said USABC President.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung affirmed to US businesses about Vietnam's openness in building digital institutions. Photo: Le Anh Dung

Vietnamese and American digital businesses conquer the world together

At the meeting, US businesses shared issues of concern, including questions and suggestions on Internet and online information management policies, AI management policies, and digital platforms.

According to Mr. Boon Poh Mok, Director of Government Relations and Public Policy for Southeast Asia and China of Roblox, this corporation specializing in game solutions and digital content wants to find partners in the Vietnamese market. . Roblox is also interested in the Ministry of Information and Communications's policy in managing platforms, especially Generative AI.

Director of Government Relations and Public Policy for Southeast Asia, China of Roblox. Photo: Le Anh Dung

Sharing the same opinion, representative of SAP Asia business management solutions company Lovneesh Chanana said that when talking about AI, we must mention its effectiveness when embedded into businesses' systems, thereby affecting business results. joint.

SAP Asia wishes to cooperate with the Ministry of Information and Communications and Vietnamese businesses in building trust in AI and developing Generative AI applications to promote digital transformation and minimize negative impacts.

Director of Public Policy for Southeast Asia and Japan, SAP Asia Lovneesh Chanana. Photo: Le Anh Dung

Mr. Suresh Sugavanam, Vice President and CEO of UL Solution, expressed his proposal to support Vietnam in measuring quality standards, ensuring compatibility of electronic devices, creating a premise for the transfer and technology export.

In response to the sharing of US businesses, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung thanked and said that these are also issues that Vietnam is concerned about.

Vietnam is determined to develop specialized AI for a narrow field, especially AI-based virtual assistants. Four major virtual assistants are being built by Vietnam to serve civil servants and people, thereby improving labor productivity. The Ministry of Information and Communications is promoting investment in data centers, with very open policies.

"The Vietnamese Government's wish is that every business, organization, and even every person will have a virtual assistant. American technology businesses should come to Vietnam to develop hundreds of thousands of virtual assistants”, Minister Nguyen Manh Hung called.

Director of Public Policy for Southeast Asia and Japan, SAP Asia Lovneesh Chanana. Photo: Le Anh Dung

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung also shared with the delegation a number of orientations of the Ministry of Information and Communications, including drafting the Law on Personal Data Protection and the Data Law, promulgating a national game strategy, and promoting American businesses participate in deeper investment in Vietnam in the fields of software development and testing.

According to the head of the Information and Communications industry, the Vietnamese Government considers digital transformation and the digital economy to be the main driving force for development and achieving growth goals.

In the field of digital technology, there are many opportunities for businesses of the two countries to cooperate. Not only do US businesses come to invest, Vietnamese businesses also go abroad. Technology enterprises of the two countries can become long-term partners, together conquering the world market.

If US businesses that have done business in Vietnam or are planning to invest in Vietnam encounter difficulties, the Ministry of Information and Communications is willing to support in the field of management.

Mr. Ted Osius - President and General Director of USABC. Photo: Le Anh Dung

In response to Minister Nguyen Manh Hung's sharing, USABC President and General Director believes that, with available potential and open policy, Vietnam will become a force in AI, while improving its position. position in the global supply chain.

US businesses also expressed their desire to contribute to Vietnam's development and believe that Vietnam's aspiration to develop the country with digital technology will become a reality.